Campus Internships

Meet new people, get involved in your community, learn important skill, and make a difference on the issues that matter.

Interns take on a leadership role within a campaign, and in many cases are able to receive course credit for their work.


Help Increase the Youth Vote
Work with student groups, faculty, and administrators to make sure everyone on campus has a chance to register and vote.

Fight Poverty in Your Community
Organize weekly service trips and fundraisers for to a local poverty relief agency.

Build a 100% Renewable Energy Future
- Run petition and letter writting drives to get your campus or local legislators to support 100% renewable energy.
- Host movie screenings and panel discussions to educate students about clean energy and sustainability.
- Organize press events with coalition partners to release reports on a clean energy future.

Make textbooks more affordable and stand up to for afforable higher education
- Meet with faculty members about using free open textbooks to save students thousands of dollars.
- Host a campus-wide call in day to make sure your congressmen support affordable higher education.




Communication Skills
Improve your public speaking and writing skills, and learn how to work with the media to get media coverage. Get experience speaking in front of groups and advocating a position one-on-one.

Campaign Skills
Learn the basics of running a campaign - recruiting a training volunteers, generating grassroots support (petitions, letters, calls), building coalitions, organizing large events, campaign strategy, and basic lobbying.

Leadership Skills
Learn how to run meetings, work with teams, plan large events, develop other leaders, mange volunteers, and manage your time.