Our Mission

CALPIRG Student’s mission is to study and act on problems that affect the lives of all Californians and to promote solutions. 

Students, Organizers, Advocates. Together we can make change happen.

Our great state and nation have huge challenges - from global warming to the escalating cost of health care, from the cost of college to the threats to our public health. 

The University of California system was established in large part to promote solutions to these problems.

These are issues that impact students as citizens beyond the borders of campus.  These are also tough issues to take on because powerful special interests like the oil lobby and health insurance companies have millions of dollars to spend to influence our government. In order to balance out these special interests and make real change on these issues students need a voice where decisions are being made – in Sacramento, Oakland and Washington, DC. 

In turn, CALPIRG Students was established by students to animate the University’s mission – to research problems that impact all Californians, educate the public and advocate for solutions. We do this by combining the energy of students with the expertise and continuity of a professional staff of advocates and organizers who work both on and off campus to advocate for the public.

Over the last forty five years, CALPIRG Students has helped students become an important and credible voice to California’s opinion leaders and decision-makers.

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