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CALPIRG Pushes for Yes on Prop 67

UCSB’s CALPIRG chapter is working to convince students to vote yes on Prop 67, which will effectively ban plastic bags in the state of California.

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Success of Plastic Bag Ban Dependent on Student Commitment

The California ban on single-use plastic bags is a huge step toward reducing litter, but it might not be as effective a change as its advocates assume.  On Sept. 30, Gov. Jerry Brown became the first governor to sign a statewide ban on plastic bags in grocery and convenience stores. Many California cities already instituted the ban earlier this year, including Los Angeles. In his signing statement, Brown stated that he hopes to encourage other states across the nation to follow our example and reduce their litter as well.

And today we won again!

By | CALPIRG Students

Another victory!

Yesterday Governor Brown approved our Million Clean Cars bill.  I'm excited to tell you that this morning, he signed a statewide plastic bag ban into law.

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Tell the Governor: Sign the Bills

By | CALPIRG Students

After years of organizing locally and across the state, California lawmakers passed two groundbreaking bills to protect our water, air and beautiful places: our bills to ban plastic grocery bags and get a million electric vehicles on California’s roads were both voted through the Legislature. Now they await the Governor’s signature before they can become law. This means Governor Brown has until the end of this month to approve (or veto) these bills. We need your help to ensure that he makes the right decision.

Tell Governor Brown to approve the statewide plastic bag ban and the Charge Ahead California clean vehicles bill.

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Victory: It's in the bag


Just moments ago the LA City Council voted to ban single use plastic bags - listening to the voices of students and community members who support protecting the ocean and reducing plastic pollution.

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Will you help score the biggest win yet to keep plastic out of the Pacific?

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Los Angeles City Council to vote on single-use, plastic- and paper-bag ban in markets

UCLA’s chapter of the California Public Interest Research Group has been campaigning in favor of the measure. In March, the Undergraduate Students Association Council voted unanimously to support CALPIRG’s campaign to ban plastic bags.

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CALPIRG protests plastic bags with giant inflatable turtle

CALPIRG held a press conference Wednesday morning to bring attention to their goal of banning plastic bags in the city of Berkeley, and eventually the whole state.

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Berkeley City Council to consider moving forward with plastic bag ban

Berkeley City Council is set to consider an item at its Tuesday meeting that would “initiate a public process to inform residents and businesses” that the council is seriously considering adopting a ban on single-use plastic bags.


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